Balance Loops for Lockdown

5 Section Sword Balance Loop

Sam has suggested a wee routine to practise balancing, which is always more difficult when you are using a weapon. Based on the 5 Section Sword Form (which you have all done!) it starts at Chase the Bird Up the Tree through to Dragon Stands at Cauldron’s Edge at which point, staying on the one leg, you go into Chase the Bird again and repeat as often as you wish.
Here is me having a go……….. 5 Section Sword Balance Loop


Yang 108 Balance Loop

A variation without weapon is from the Yang 108 Form but in a different sequence. It starts at Rising Kick, through Double Winds Pierce Ears and then into parting kicks, after which you return to Rising Kick and repeat.

Do feel free to kick higher than me – my back is restricting me just now!

Yang 108 Balance Loop


37 Step balance Loop

For those who do not know the Yang 108 Form here is a simpler sequence from the 37 Step Form.
From Single Whip into Snake Creeps Down and through Golden Rooster you then turn and Kick with Heel and then go into Single Whip again and repeat as often as you like.See if you can spot the point at which I forgot how I had changed the sequence….

37 Step Balance Loop





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